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Simpa Energy India Private Limited

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Simpa's rooftop solar leasing model, enables users in rural India to reduce their dependence on grid electricity. By utilizing the power of the sun, we're making energy consumption simple, affordable and accessible for all.

Array of products

From home systems to charging solutions, Simpa's solar power offerings are designed to meet varied energy demands. With power configuration ranging between 50-300 W, our offerings match everyone's budget and power needs.

Ease of ownership

For users who want to avail solar power systems, Simpa extends loans from a network of partner banks. Owning and controlling power needs has never been easier.

Quick payments and support

In order to enable quick and easy payment for energy consumed, Simpa has introduced e-collections facility. Our network of representatives provide doorstep support for installation, servicing and payments.

Free lifetime power

Once users have paid off their loan, they get ownership over the solar power systems for lifetime and freedom from electricity bills and charges

Simpa Impact

People With <br>Clean Power
People With
Clean Power
kWh of Clean <br> Power Generated
kWh of Clean
Power Generated
Tons of CO2 <br> Emissions Displaced
Tons of CO2
Emissions Displaced
Clean Energy <br> Days Served
Clean Energy
Days Served

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Solar Home Solutions

For complete power solutions with 50-100 W

Solar Combo Solutions

Run bigger appliances

Solar Charging Stations

Get uninterrupted power supply

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